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澳门送彩金的网站:[Wake up] Many capital preservation funds fell below the face value, and fund companies were under pressure; mutual approval fund approvals continued to accelerate in the north, and 5 have been approved this year.

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内容摘要:[fund] more than justPreservation Fundbelow face value fundpressuredata show that has not yet expired more than 100 capital preservation fun...

[fund] more than just Preservation Fund below face value fund pressure

data show that has not yet expired more than 100 capital preservation funds, has been more than just products unit net less than 1. If the net value of of these funds fails to return to the face value of before the maturity date, the fund company will bear the pressure of capital protection and liquidation.

[ new economic ] Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange to actively embrace new economic enterprises

the Shanghai Stock Exchange has already done the preparatory work in the territory of innovative companies issuing shares and depository receipts pilot, and has been with the New Economy Innovation companies have docked.

[IPO] Ningde era prospectus: priced at 25.14 yuan / share are expected May 30 issue

May 29 morning, Ningde era publish IPO prospectus, the issue price of 25.14 yuan per share , expected in May Issued on the 30th of the month, the number of shares issued shall not exceed 217,243,733 shares, accounting for no less than 10% of the total share capital after the issuance. All of the new shares are issued, and there is no public offering of shares by the shareholders. The total share capital after the issue does not exceed 2,172,437,000 shares.

[ fund manager ] well-known fund manager Qiu Dongrong next or exposure to the fund

Geng as a well-known fund managers, stock investment former director of HSBC Jintrust Fund Qiu Dongrong the end of April this year for personal reasons Leave the job. According to industry rumors, the next stop is a small public offering, but this information has not been confirmed.

[ mutual recognition ] north Mutual Fund continues to accelerate approval been approved this year, five

north Mutual Recognition Fund pace of expansion continues to accelerate. According to the latest data from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, after the Hong Kong Bank of China, May 7th, Bank of China Co., Ltd. is responsible for the agent's Hong Kong portfolio -. Also obtained the reply , which is less than two weeks apart.

[MSCI] MSCI thematic funds quickly Jiancang blue-chip market is expected to stage a comeback

Recently, Invesco Great Wall, CCB, Hua Tai Borui 3 fund companies have issued listing announcement MSCI's theme funds. In addition, according to statistics, a total of 13 MSCI theme funds have been set up on the market since the beginning of this year, and the total initial size reached 13.8 billion yuan. Industry analysts believe that considering the MSCI index's leading influence in the global investment market, once the A shares enter the MSCI index, it is expected that there will be a large number of overseas capital flows tracking the emerging market index into the A-share market.

[] international crude oil prices tumbled oil and gas QDII fund underperforming or will affect

by increasing production, recent international oil prices continued to fall . Since the US oil intraday last week lifted its high since November 2014, the US West Texas Light crude (WTI) plummeted by more than US$7/barrel in just five days. The continued pressure on oil prices has also affected the performance of several oil and gas-qualified domestic institutional investors (QDII) funds.





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